About Us

A new kind of RPG experience.

Horizon Drifters uses a traditional tabletop roleplaying game as the architecture for a new kind of online gaming experience. Event Horizons RPG is somewhere between a platform like Roll20.net or Fantasy Grounds, but the role of Game Master is run by a bot and each section of the Episode will be introduced by a voice actor. Episodes, our term for adventures, will run half an hour to an hour. The game is designed to be chat based with buttons for Actor (our term for Player) abilities. The setting is the Milky Way Galaxy hundreds of years in the future. Our Star, Sohlsta, made its presence known to the human population and then humanity spread to the stars. Once there, they found that they were a very small fish in an endless ocean.
Aside from being a game, there is also an in-character social media system set up within Horizon Drifters so that people can communicate with members of their groups, called Affiliations, to plan and chat about things happening in the galaxy.
Any user will be able to create their own custom species, planets, affiliations, and even Episodes. All content on our platform will be ratable by all users. User generated content we find that gets high marks will be made official in the system and we will provide professional art for your content that becomes official, and if you’ve written an Episode we’ve made official we will bring in our voice actor for your lines. 
While we want you to play our content, and that’s basically where you’ll start, we want this platform to grow into your, our users, content. We want our platform to be a shared universe where only people’s imaginations are the limits to what can be created.

The game will be free to users. We have decided to put the mechanics and some of the game’s lore up on this website to show people what we are offering.


A game where you can be anyone, anything!

d6Plus System

The mechanics of our system rely on our core d6Plus system, where a series of d6's are rolled and added to another modifier, with one die having the chance to subtract or explode in your favor.

A Future Beyond Our Time

Humanity is only a bit player in the galaxy we have created for our users. We are only new to the stars, while other species have forgotten their histories.

Your Universe to Create In

Species, Planets, Stars, Affiliations, nearly everything that you can imagine you will be able to create on our platform and then other users can use and rate your content!

"I'm not saying the Quak'rii are equal to the Incipients, but really how far off are they? I mean we're all basically immortal because of them, right?" - Hitoshi, Grand Marshal of the Human Hegemony's Third Fleet

Forces are aligning across the galaxy...

The Ilchari Alliance

The Ilchari fruit have forged a powerful alliance that spans the galaxy, all sentients mobilized in one mission: to fend off the Korruk advance.

The Power of Technology

The Quak'rii ushered in an era of prosperity and undying for the galaxy thanks to their creation of Universal Back-Up (UBU).

The Menace of War

The Korruk army runs rampant across multiple spirals of the galaxy, the entire army a cloned group of cyborgs created from a single donor.