The Ansaig are among the most noble and loyal species in the galaxy, having much influence within the Council Nobilis.


These sentient plants society revolves around seeing the universe in terms of food, not food, and building materials. Dioscipula can emit spores that cause multitudes of their kind to breed, causing many to shun their presence.


This species is considered the most variable among any in the known galaxy, with radical differences physically and psychologically between even siblings.


Most people referring to Ilchari are talking about the walking Ilchari Fruit that deal with most species, but the Ilchari Trees that bear them are actually a higher form of life than most sentients in the galaxy.


This sentient bacterial cloud has all the memories of its ancestors, and replicates by dividing itself into two equal halves that each retain the full knowledge of the original Oru’Nee.


This species holds the keys to the galaxy’s most advanced technology: Universal Back-Up. This technology has allowed them to maintain a level of peace with all but the Korruk.


This is a species of clones of one individual, with each clone being genetically engineered for a specific combat role and given cybernetic enhancements. They are ruthless, and are the cause of the Endless War.