0.5 to 1 meters in height

Home Star System


Home Planet


Natural Environment

The species developed in rocky dry places. Now, they are most often found within technology.

Ability Increases

Intellect, Fortitude

Sensory Abilities

Quak’rii can sense any technological device within 10 meters.

Species Ability Skill

Science or Repair

Species Background

Companion AI

Species Physical Description

The Quak’rii are diminutive reptilians with large hardened scales.

Species Psychological Description

This species is obsessed with knowing. What there is to know is often immaterial, just that what they are doing involves knowing.

Species History

The Quak’rii are among the most ancient of races known in the galaxy, having a history that even they have lost somewhere in their own archives. The Quaakk’Rii are obsessed with technology, specifically how it works. Each Quaakk’Rii builds its own Personal AI during adolescence, and then has this companion throughout their journeys.

They have spread out to all sectors of known space, and members of this species run the vast majority of Back-Up locations across the galaxy. Their Stellar Patron is a being known as Ooruil, who seems to share the species’ affection for technological devices. The presence of this species is everywhere, though rarely in large numbers outside their home system of Laak’Uli. 

The Quaakk’Rii never join other species in battle or conquest, including the Eternal War. However, they are still given a seat at the galactic table due to technology they create and their fair and flawless running of the galactic Back-Up system.

Their ships and structures are smooth, with nanite doors and systems only showing when the Quaakk’Rii desire it so. Using their natural sense to detect technology, Quaakk’Rii easily navigate the featureless landscapes of their cities and ships while outsiders become easily lost without a tracking system.

Quaakk’Rii seek out any new technology, and when they come across something they are unfamiliar with they immediately attempt to gain permission to examine the object. They often prize technological items over sentient lives, provided it is sufficiently impressive enough. Anyone who has technological skills is viewed affectionately by the species as kindred spirits, and they pass the blessings of Laak’Uli upon them and their creations or repairs.

The species is divided into a caste where everyone chooses a path.

The Ragaki (Workers)

These are those Quaakk’Rii who spend their lives working to create the most advanced and dependable technology the galaxy has ever seen. Many spend decades working on a single project in the hopes that one day it will influence the galaxy to come. These Quaakk’Rii believe that through creation the problems of the galaxy can be solved.

The Rakagi (Seekers)

These Quaakk’Rii travel all over the galaxy to discover new technology, from Incipient technology to discoveries made on backwater planets. Outside of a Back-Up station or Quaakk’Rii territory, these are the most common Quaakk’Rii encountered.

The Karagi (Rulers)

This is a group of the most accomplished Quaakk’Rii, from creation to discovery, academic or field work, these are the thinkers and builders that have shaped their empire for generations. Led by a Quaakk’Rii so old it is known only by the title ‘Revered One’, she created the first Back-Up system in their history, now lost to time. A being of immense wisdom, she has discovered a sad truth of long life in that you can only focus on so much of a long life. Regardless, her council and insight have kept the Quaakk’Rii in a state of both peace and prosperity for longer than any other civilization known to galactic existence.

Ixthilln System

Stellar Patron



Ixthilln commands its followers to know creation through creations, to study mechanisms to see the eternal mechanism.

Sentient Population

12 billion, mostly Quaakk’rii.

System Description

Ixthilln has five planets, two of which are habitable.



Gravity Rank


Planet 1. Ipth

Ipth is a small planet that has constant volcanic eruptions and earthquakes.



Planet 2. Quak’roo

The home planet of the Quaakk’rii species, nonmembers are denied entry.


Moon 1. D’ump

This moon’s surface is covered by a supercomputer the Quaakk’rii have created. Only those with special access may even orbit it closely.

Planet 3. Rhp’Nil

This planet had abundant life before the Quak’rii moved in. Now, this is the location that most non-Quak’rii reside.



Planet 4. Chohg

This is a massive gas giant, with rings containing unknown elements. The Quak’rii guard this location closely, and attack those taking samples on sight.



Planet 5. Rhis

This planet is one solid incipient device. It has a massive gravity well, and a gigantic hole running from top to bottom. Its surface, including the inside, is completely smooth and impenetrable.