Individual Oru’Nee bacteria are microscopic, while adult colonies of them typically congregate in clouds between 1 and 1.5 meters in diameter.

Home Star System


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Natural Environment

Oru’Nee thrive in environments that are rich with nitrogen and oxygen, putting them on par with much of the galaxy’s sapient life. Their threshold of temperature extremes that they can endure are slightly greater than many species, but not by much.

Ability Increases

Judgement, Presence

Sensory Abilities

Oru’ Nee expand and contract rapidly when lying, a fact that is well known throughout the galaxy. This tell has greatly influenced how the greater galaxy views the Oru’Nee.

Species Ability Skill


Species Background


Species Physical Description

Oru’Nee typically resemble smokey clouds of sparkling gas that possess a thin, permeable membrane. The exact color of the clouds and nature of the sparkles varies depending on which Storm the Oru’Nee hails from, as well as where the Oru’Nee in question was “born.”

Species Psychological Description

Renown for their eloquence and persuasive nature, Oru’Nee are an extremely introspective and intellectual race of sentient creatures. With such little substantial biomass in their anatomy in conjunction with their tight-knit communities, Oru’Nee are extremely social creatures. These social interactions are almost always colored by the fact that Oru’Nee are such legendarily bad liars that the Oru’Nee have become diligently truthful as a race, almost to a point of pride. While this does breed a general air of trustworthiness in regards to aliens’ reaction to the Oru’Nee, many species also go out of their way to avoid telling them secrets as a result.

Species History

The Oru’Nee were initially brought into the galactic scene by complete accident; a human-owned gas mining company known as Fairweather Industries took atmosphere samples of Aen’Ora for research, inadvertently kidnapping several Oru’Nee in the process. The scientists in charge of examining the samples quickly realized the sapient nature of the Oru’Nee, and halted mining in the hopes of stopping an interspecies incident. Shepherds of the Ansaig Empire were eventually brought in and have helped smooth things over with the Oru’Nee, facilitating them receiving the Back-Up and bringing them into a more active spot on the galactic stage. Throughout the centuries, the Oru’Nee’s truthful and persuasive nature has carved a niche in the galactic communities, making them valued advisors, diplomats, and business intermediaries. That is not to say that Oru’Nee are not capable of violence, for in great enough numbers the Oru’Nee have been know to be able to manipulate the very atmosphere of a planet and weaponize it, creating violent weather phenomena capable of decisively winning a battle. Such moments are blessedly rare in the Oru’Nee’s history, as such an undertaking is often as lethal to the Oru’Nee as it is to their enemies. It is because of this lethality that the Oru’Nee prefer to engage in diplomacy or, when all else fails, economic warfare.

The Oru’Nee government is difficult for outsiders to parse, partially because it’s very hard for aliens to see where one Oru’Nee ends and another begins. Typically, representatives from each Storm form what is known among the Oru’Nee as the Swirl; a dense, multifaceted cloud wherein each member debates the others on certain issues. Since the Oru’Nee reproduce through asexual division, members of the Swirl tend to be fairly young as they have the longest memory chain from there parents. Once a consensus is reached the Oru’Nee Diplomatic Cloud is typically contacted, along with other relevant parties about the policy changes, which are carried out accordingly. 


Fairweather Industries

Taking what could have been a PR nightmare and turning it into a lucrative business deal isn’t Fairweather Industries main claim to fame, but it is certainly one of the more memorable moments in the company’s history. With a branch office located on Rad’Pox, Fairweather Industries heads up the human representation on the terraforming effort of the Aen’Oran moon.

The Oru’Nee Diplomatic Cloud

Perhaps the most active political body of the Oru’Nee prevalent in the galaxy, the Oru’Nee Diplomatic Cloud has acted as intermediaries for dozens of alien races all while doing their best to pursue the interests of the Aen’Oran people. The rigorous training and high standards of the Oru’Nee Diplomatic Cloud are legendary, and are said to have been equivalent to the training of elite commandos of other races.

Ringmaster Rustle’s Celestial Combat Circus

On the rare occasion that the ramp freighter fleet of the galaxy’s most famous Dioscipula docks at Rad’Pox, locals are typically overjoyed at the prospect of entertainment on such a grand scale. While generally welcomed in Oru’Nee airspace, Ringmaster Rustle has been “greatly encouraged” to check all fireworks with the authorities in the wake and a massive, violent display dubbed only as “The Incident.”

The Shepherds

Representative of the Ansaig Empire, the Shepherds typically have a small but substantial presence of Rad’Pox as a way of supplementing any military needs the Oru’Nee might have. With a shared interest in diplomatic pursuits, the Shepherds have been known to cross-train under instructions from the Oru’Nee Diplomatic Cloud, even going so far as to recruit from their numbers. The overlap between these two groups has helped foster a longstanding relationship between the two species.

Triumph Cloud Dynamics

An economic juggernaut in the galaxy’s noble gas trade, Triumph Cloud Dynamics has funneled enough liquid assets into Oru’Nee space to make them very, very wealthy. While the Oru’Nee are far from materialists, having such prosperity affords them the luxury of waging economic warfare on their enemies as opposed to physical confrontation. Being able to outsmart and outspend an enemy is seen as a more “civilized” form of conflict amongst the Oru’Nee, and has been able to loan some credence to their famed diplomatic pursuits.

Oru’Nee stats

+1 Judgement, +1 Presence

Oru’nee cannot take ranks in Presence (Bluff), even the most advanced technologies have failed to find a way to conceal their natural tell, and the Oru’nee feel that removing it would diminish their integrity.

Species Skill: +1 Persuade

Background: +1 Companion (Valet)

Neo’Nic System

Stellar Patron

The Haze


The Haze is a massive atmosphere of glittering microscopic sentient dust that covers the surface of their sun without succumbing to the heat. The Haze is able to regularly communicate with the Oru’Nee through fluctuations of color and intensity, and does so on a semi-regular basis. The Haze has preached a concept known as the Inoculation Against Hate, which has been adopted almost universally by the Oru’Nee.

Sentient Population

Calculating the population of Oru’nee is a difficult prospect, as each individual cloud is a colony of billions of sentient bacteria. Currently, the Oru’Nee number roughly 25 billion separate clouds in their own system, while the number of individual bacteria is potentially unknowable.

 System Description

The Neo’Nic system consists of a trio of gas giants all revolving around the red giant star of the Haze. The Oru’nee homeworld Aen’Ora is second from the stars, and possesses a large moon named Rad’Pox which is often used as a spaceport of alien species.



Gravity Rank


Planet 1. Hel’Mydia

The closest planet in the Neo’Nic system to the Haze, Hel’Mydia is a massive carbon dioxide giant with clouds of sulfuric acid that could engulf entire planets. With storms that rage centuries appearing and disappearing randomly, Hel’Mydia is a difficult prospect for colonization even by the hardiest of sapient species. Triumph Cloud Dynamics, an Oru’Nee corporation, has created a tidally locked space station known as the Vent in the shadow of Hel’Mydia for the express purpose of harvesting the sulfuric acid and carbon dioxide for industrial use.



Planet 2. Aen’Ora

The homeworld of the Oru’Nee, Aen’Ora is a gas giant with the rare composition of nitrogen and oxygen, making it a breathable world for a wide swath of alien races. Oru’Nee typically live in massive super clusters known as Storms, which initially lead scientists to miscalculate the size of a single colony of bacteria. Border lines are fluid and permeable, as there are few solid structures with which to measure them against. Jet streams and other atmospheric phenomena ranging from snow to hurricanes do regularly occur on Aen’Ora, though such forces of weather are far less intimidating to the Oru’Nee, who typically view them as quaint distractions. The largest solid structure in the Aen’Ora sky is known as the Aen’Oran Galactic Hub, a massive floating city where aliens transport goods from all over the galaxy after they’ve gone through customs in Rad’Pox.


Moon 1. Rad’Pox

An airless, tidally locked chunk of nickel caught in the gravitational pull of Aen’Ora, Rad’Pox would hold little appeal outside of some light mining in nearly any other system. In the Neo’Nic system however, solid ground is at a premium, and with an entire galaxy to trade with Rad’Pox is extremely valuable. With an entire hemisphere covered with a super city, the Aen’Oran government (in conjunction with several other races including the Ilchari, the Ansaig, and the Dioscipula) have been working for centuries to slowly but surely terraform the sun facing side of the moon. There are even rumors that experiments have been performed to see if Rad’Pox’s tidal lock could be changed to a more traditional rotation, but the sheer cost of such an undertaking makes these rumors far-fetched at best. What is significantly less far-fetched is the idea that the Oru’Nee’s large presence in the galaxy’s carbon market will ensure that this terraforming project will eventually be seen to its completion.

Planet 3. Xen’Enza

An arsine gas giant on the far end of the Neo’Nic system, this vaguely purple planet is not a traditionally habitable biome for most creatures, especially given the high levels of acid and arsenic that make up the planet’s atmosphere in addition to its low temperature. Upon further examination however, xenobiologists have discovered a myriad of arsine-based life that calls Xen’Enza hostile environment home. While an appealing subject of study, the cataloging of such life has been a slow-going process, for the top of the proverbial food chain is a race of massive creatures known to the Oru’Nee as the Breath Takers. Ranging up to a kilometer in size, the Breath Takers are perhaps some of the largest lifeforms cataloged in the galaxy, and they are immensely territorial. While the Breath Takers are filter feeds, their massive size and array of biological defenses are enough to rival the dreadnoughts of other species. Attempts at pacification or communication made with the Breath Takers are continuous, but as of yet they have not been fruitful.