A massive number of star systems under the brutal control of the Korruk leader Oagan. All attempts to discover any information about the founding of Oagan’s Rule and how his advanced technologies were developed have all proven futile. Each conquered species found in the territories all share the same story: Oagan’s forces came, they were conquered and enslaved. All of their culture and history was then destroyed by the forces, fabricating new Koruk style architecture, housing, and clothing for all conquered people, who were viewed as slaves at best by their conquerors. Oagan demands strict obedience from his followers, something genetically bred into them. The only art allowed in Oagan’s Realm are sculptures of his likeness, and many of his appointed masters vie for his favor by building colossal edifices of his likeness, some stretching from the planet’s surface to beyond its atmosphere. While their forces are brutal and unrelenting, their biggest strength lies in their seemingly never-ending supply of cloned troops, vehicles, and starships. Koruk are unique among known sentient species for having no connection to any Stellar Patron. Some academics have hypothesized that Oagan committed some great atrocity against his people’s stellar patron, maybe even going so far as to kill that Stellar Patron, but there has been no concrete answers to these questions. It is not that Korruk technology is the most impressive in the galaxy, though certain elements can be. Their troops have no form of backup detectable, their ships are often lacking shields and have minimal weapons, and their strategy usually lacks any sort of higher design unless Oagan or a Sector Master is present. They win their battles through sheer numbers and overwhelming force. Mobile Space Platforms the size of small moons carry countless cloning vats and nanoassembly lines to produce a force capable of forcing a system to submit to the Korruk will. Korruk Rulmag fly into battle with no regard for their lives, genetically programmed only to follow orders for combat service. A single Korruk Throsk will charge 100 enemies with ranged weapons drawn without any hesitation if that is what their orders entailed. Their ranks have no questions, the lowest ranks barely even having individual personalities, with Korruk Throsks all identifying by their subspecies. The technology that Korruk use seems to spawn from moon sized space stations, known as Garmuk, that grow the Korruk and build their technology. Fleets of ships accompany a Garmuk to relay resources to them from asteroids, moons, planets, and any other source of materials that can be scavenged. A fully stocked Gamuk takes almost five years when cut off from supplies to stop making troops, ships, and weapons. No one has ever found a location in Korruk space where these Garmuk are built. A single one of these appearing in a sector is enough to spur the entire quadrant into action. Garmuk are fully wormhole capable, and the only ships of that size known with the capacity in the entire galaxy. Quaakk’Rii have a standing offer of one thousand years’ worth of service by their choice of clan on a project of their choice in exchange for a captured Garmuk. Even with backup, no one has made it beyond even the most periphery defences.