Tree: Up to five hundred feet tall. Fruit: 1.5 to 1.8 meters in height.

Home Star System


Home Planet


Natural Environment

Ilchari trees can grow and bear fruit in verdant lands, deserts, arctic conditions, underwater, and even in space. As such, their fruit is hardy and can survive in many places.

Ability Increases

Judgement, Agility

Sensory Abilities

Ilchari fruit can detect the location and distance of the nearest Ilchari tree to them. While the fruit is in contact with the tree, that fruit has its consciousness merged with the tree and every other tree and fruit in contact all throughout the universe. Ilchari fruit do not breathe.

Species Ability Skill

Arboreal – Politics +1, Arctic – Insight +1, Desert – Survival +1, Ocean – Athletics +1, Star – Piloting +1

Species Background

Arboreal – Exceptional Skill (Politics) +1, Arctic – Companion +1, Desert – Star Chosen, Ocean – Mentor +1, Star – Affiliation +1

Species Physical Description

Ilchari fruit are slender sentients with two arms, a tail, and a multifaceted central vision bulb. They have long slender leaves that descend behind their body. Ilchari fruit are born with five seeds inside of their torso in a pouch they can access with some effort. The species reproduces when a fruit selects a location to plant one of its seeds.

Species Psychological Description

The Ilchari, both fruit and tree, are generally content to wait, think, and reflect long before taking action. They are peaceful often to a fault, viewing conflict as an unproductive environment. But, when pushed to conflict the Ilchari are brave and unflinching. A determined Ilchari fruit can spend a millennium plotting, for longevity is not new to the fruit as it is to many species, such as the humans, who’s oldest citizen nearing five hundred would still be viewed as young in Ilchari society. Thus, like the trees from which they come, Ilchari take the long view of life in the universe.

Species History

When most people refer to the Ilchari, they are usually referring to the mobile Ilchari Fruit from the Ilchari Trees. The history of the Ilchari species dates back hundreds of thousands of years, but only in the last ten thousand have they advanced technologically. Prior to ten thousand years ago, they had no written language and no sense of time. In truth, Nimlothean has awakened the Trees, with the Fruit merely gaining the benefit.

The first Ilchari were the Arboreal. They lived in harmony with their forests, but eventually an Ilchari fruit nurtured one of its five sacred seeds in a desert, and there a new form of Ilchari Tree grew, giving form to a new Ilchari fruit.

During some unknown ocean voyage, an Ilchari seed found its way into the depths and became nurtured, leading to an ocean born Ilchari Tree and Fruit.

The trees themselves create Bose Einstein condensates within them and their seeds, connecting all of the trees on a subatomic level that allows for instantaneous communication between them in a hive mind where each of the tree types have their own smaller collective within the over mind. The Ilchari Fruit can feel this same connection whenever it comes into physical contact with an Ilchari Tree of any type, even if not of the type they are born from.

Life was simple and easy for the Ilchari until the invention of writing. In the creation of this external record of the universe, the Ilchari Fruit slowly drifted away from the Ilchari trees. While working in concert with nature, the fruit created spacecraft, only to discover that the seeds they raised in space became yet another type of Ilchari Tree, and one that was suited to space travel.

When the Quaakk’Rii found them twenty five hundred years ago, they had colonized two dozen surrounding star systems. They took the deal the Quaakk’rii offered of immortality and technology in exchange for first access to Incipient technology.

With such overwhelming success from their first attempts, they and their trees spread out across thousands of systems. They discovered other empires and civilizations, and avoided settlements in disputed territory. 

To help settle trade disputes within and without the Ilchari Empire, the Ilchari Trade Commission was established. While designed to keep the priorities of the species first and foremost, they understand the need to assist developing systems and are therefore often deal generously with less fortunate neighbors.

Seeing that there were other spacefaring species, a new interstellar military force was proposed and the Ilchari Defense Force was established. They signed an exclusive deal with the Ilchari Starforest Corp, and got the finest equipment decades before it made it down to the civilian market. The troops were those who understood the threat that the outside galaxy posed, and saw themselves as the guardians at the gate should danger ever arise.

It was on Antesriel that everything changed for the Ilchari. A world with a quarter forest and mostly desert, the Ilchari trees had all taken their desert forms. Nearly 2 billion of the fruit made their home on Antesriel, located on the farthest reaches of the Ilchari Empire. After less than three hundred years of population, invaders struck.

The Korruk, led by a seemingly immortal Gravimancer Warrior named Oagan, landed kilometer-high spikes into the ground, aiming first for heavily populated areas. Then, from these spikes ground and air forces flooded out and mercilessly conquered the planet. Antesriel was given to notice, no warning, no chance to surrender.

The Ilchari were stunned by these actions, and within three days war was declared and a liberation force was established. For a full ten years the elves fought unsuccessfully to free Antesriel from the Koruk.

It was during this time the Kean’ith Dunetreader came into great prominence. A native of Antesriel, he fought the Koruk and led the insurrection during the 10 year battle for his home. A warrior who heeds and uses the powers granted it by Nimlothean, he seared the Korruk by the thousands.

After ten years, it seemed Oagan grew tired of the war, though he never seemed to be running low on troops, ships, or supplies to waste against the superior Ilchari forces. He issued a command to his forces on Antesriel: “Kill all sentients. Burn every tree.” That day every person still in a city, or already enslaved, was slaughtered by Oagan’s forces. Then, to further wound the species, they systematically cut down every Ilchari tree on the planet. It was a scorched planet policy.

The remaining Ilchari forces on the planet left, and Kean’ith was inconsolable. The Ilchari Empire became obsessed with what to do, and a military draft was issued. Upon reaching the age of 50, every individual must serve half of each century in the military divided up into 5 year tours of duty. The buildup that had begun with the Battle for Antesriel had now become a battle against an implacable foe. It was decided that the commanders of the Ilchari Defense Force would be given a seat at the governing table during this time of war.

Kean’ith spent the next two decades wandering the empire. He could find no Ilchari tree that felt like the ones of his homeland, as young as they were. He could find no desert that felt the same beneath his feet, no forest that looked as pure as through the blue sun of Antesriel. Finally, he reenlisted, determined to regain his homeland.

During this time, the Ilchari formed a federation with a number of other galactic civilizations the Korruk had been fighting an ongoing war with on different fronts in the galaxy, some of which had been fighting the Korruk for more than a thousand years. Known to some of the loosely aligned civilizations as the Endless War, this new council dubbed itself the Convention for the Safety of Sentients, and soon there was another potent galactic force, this one with the purpose of stalling and maybe one day fighting back the Korruk forces.

Excited at the prospect of the Hero of Antesriel, an individual credited with saving tens of millions of lives, joining their ranks the military asked him if he would like a command. Kean’ith said he wanted a force to seek out the Koruk enemy and fight them at their weak points. 

For the next hundred years, Kean’ith and his forces scouted the outer edges of the Koruk Empire and despaired at what they found. They found massive numbers of ships and Koruk, yet no manufacturing base for their development. They found many conquered peoples, and began to get a sense of just how large this enemy was.

None of the slaves Kean’ith was able to free were able to tell him where the Korruk forces came from originally. All they knew was that the giant black spikes fell from the sky and out poured their conquerors. Each conquered planet still bore those same offensive platforms, there to monitor and defend the planet from threats internal or external.

Through bravery in the field, wisdom in the heat of battle, and countless other heroic acts, Kean’ith was named Grand Admiral of the military forces. With the entire military at his disposal, he began to make plans for a major strike against the Koruk.

Realizing this would require massive public support, his advisers convinced him to run for Patrician. While no military officer had ever run for the position, Kean’ith easily won due to his connection both to the Stellar and the military, as well as his keen sense of people.

Once elected, they began their propaganda machine to inspire the people, with signs saying ‘Remember Antesriel!’ becoming commonplace. Memorials were held to remember those trees and fruit lost in that conflict. Soldiers were staying on for extra deployments, feeling the need to protect their people from the Korruk threat.

Then, before the Ilchari could launch their offensive two of their neighbors, allies, begged them for help. The Koruk had been sighted with a preparatory force for invasion in both sectors.

Without hesitation, the Ilchari Defense Force launched into full support. Fleets arrived to do battle with the Koruk. When the Koruk arrived at the planets ready to conquer, they found them both protected by a new shield technology the Ilchari had developed. Unable to penetrate them with their spike landers, they were forced to fight the battle in space.

For days the skies over those planets burned with the hulls of carriers and dreadnaughts, starfighters exploding across the sky like shooting stars. For every Ilchari that was lost, one hundred Koruk were slain. The invading force fought to the very last ship, never once offering a moment of hesitation or the hint of surrender. 

The Ilchari took their victory to heart, and prepared a massive assault for Antesriel. Keannith was determined to lead the charge himself. They spent a decade planning their attack, but weeks before the assault was to begin the Koruk again attacked the Ilchari, this time a planet known as Auredel, a pastoral planet. While the planet shields were able to be deployed, several of their spikes were able to make it through and a brutal battle took place on the surface.

Meanwhile, this force was much larger than the ones that had come for the allies of the Ilchari. For almost two years, the Ilchari fought forces that just kept coming. Finally, they stopped, and the exhausted forces were able to declare a half-hearted victory.

Since then. Kean’ith has maintained his position for a second term as Patrician, as well as continuing in his role as Grand Admiral of the Ilchari Defense Force. 

The modern government of the Ilchari is part civilian, part Stellar Patron, and part military controlled. Each citizen is permitted a single vote on local, regional, planetary, and sector governance. From those elected officials, a final Senate is established where they make the majority of legislative decisions for the empire. This civilian government is surprisingly nimble and adaptive to its people’s need, freedom being amongst the highest priorities for the elves.

The Sage Council, working alongside the Senate, is made up of the wisest and most powerful Gravimancers, Stellar Empowered, and Quantists from throughout the empire. Their use of their respective talents have been a potent force on the galactic war front. Until the war broke out, they were often hesitant to get too involved in the affairs of the empire, for fear of being seen as manipulating it to their ends. Now, they have no fears about espousing their ideas on unimaginable infused technological weapons that could destroy entire planets in their efforts to fight the Koruk.

The Imperium, the Ilchari military council, has been led by Grand Admiral Keanith for more than a century. While their original purpose during the expansion era was to protect Ilchari interests, the Ilchari Defense Force has grown into a much more robust entity, able to handle diplomatic as well as military engagements. Operating with groups of councils throughout its hierarchy, advancement is purely through merit and ability, never through connections or influence. Only Treetenders are free from the mandatory military service.

Religiously, the Ilchari worship Nimlothean as the savior and guide of their people. The Treetenders hold daily services at the feet of the great trees where everyone touches the tree and they commune together. For important events, this will be taking place simultaneously throughout their empire, each fruit feeling and experiencing the direct level of communion with each other, the trees, and Nimlothean. A great Tree Tender will guide billions of members of the species through a movement of transcendence, hours passing during these rituals in silence around the creatures’ bodies.

With the advent of automation, most Ilchari are able to pursue their intellectual side without the need for basic survival. A system of universal basic income was instituted early on once in-system spaceflight was reliable enough to mine the massive quantities of resources floating in space. Since then, every citizen is guaranteed a very generous stipend, which goes up substantially during military service. As such, things like homelessness and poverty have all but been eliminated. Overall, the populace is surprisingly free and joyful for a people who have been at war for more than a century.

Currently, the entire empire is once more gearing up to retake Antesriel. Kean’ith dreams of one day returning to his homeland, and replanting Ilchari trees there to memorialize those who fell to the Koruk menace. Seeking allies far and wide this time, the Ilchari people hope to have a broad coalition of support for their war effort before attempting what they’ve spent a decade and failed at in the past.


Star Forest Collective

This is a semi-nationalized starship manufacturer known galaxy-wide for the quality of their products. Based in the Ilchari Empire, its leadership and researchers come from all over the galaxy, seeking to work in the most high tech conditions and with the most cutting edge systems ever seen.

Ilchari Exploration Federation

This is a government funded organization seeking out systems for habitation, civilizations for first contact, and any information that may be of use to the Ilchari Collective. Many races join the Ilchari Exploration Federation for the chance to see new and unusual places and sentients. A full fifty percent of the Ilchari Exploration Federation’s ranks come from non-Ilchari species.

Ilchari Trade Assembly

A collective of the heads of state-run companies, private corporations, and elected officials, the Ilchari Trade Assembly concerns itself only with inter-system and -sector trade. Smaller trade deals are handled by those living within their territories.

Ilchari Ministry

Once every ten years, Ilchari Elves all spend a few moments throughout the day sensing the rest of their species’ collectives. Through a process of emotional selection, the Ilchari choose their leaders based on true merit. The process thus far has been perfect for creating responsible, respectful, and compassionate leaders. Then, every fifty years, the people perform the same process to elect a Patrician.

Ilchari Defense Force

Upon reaching their 100th birthday, each Ilchari must join the military, serving in 5 year deployments, until they have served a full 50 years out of every century. Many Ilchari serve more than the minimum requirement, seeing it as their civic duty.

The Ilchari Tree Tenders

This is a caste of the Ilchari who spend their time near the Ilchari Trees, guiding communion with them and with Nimlothean. Their ranks are exclusively Ilchari, for other species do not have their connection to the trees. Tree Tenders are empowered by their Stellar Patron, Nimlothean.

Nimlothean System

Stellar Patron



Nimlothean first revealed itself to the Ilchari trees, long in the forgotten past. Eventually the fruit of the Ilchari trees gained the same sentience, though at a much lower level than the trees that bore them. Nimlothean encourages its followers to grow in tune with the universe. The followers of Nimlothean are nearly always peaceful and thoughtful beings, taking the concept of growth to mean both internal and external growth.

Sentient Population

43 billion, mostly Ilchari.

System Description

Nimlothean has seven planets, two of which have life. Ilchari trees have been found to growing in the vacuum of space where they generate a breathable atmosphere around them while also warding off radiation. Many moons and asteroids have forests growing on their surfaces.



Gravity Rank


Planet 1. Vock

Vock is the closest planet to the star Nimlothean. Its atmosphere is poisonous to nearly all sentients and it reaches temperatures able to melt metals even at night. Many Ilchari research forests orbit this planet, while drones designed for extreme conditions to mine rare mineral compounds operate at the surface level of the planet.



Planet 2. Echorio

Echorio is a massive planet covered in a boiling ocean. The ocean itself is heavy with sulfur, giving the boiling sea a sickly yellow color, matched by the faded yellow clouds and rains that cover the planet. Several research forests orbit the planet, but nothing of any appreciable commercial value has been found on the surface of the planet.



Planet 3. Ilchoriall

Ilchoriall is the homeworld of the Ilchari. It is on this terrestrial planet that the trees first evolved, and their fruit in turn gained sentience. While nearly 20 billion sentients live on or above the medium sized planet, there is no sense of crowding. Space is used efficiently as well as beautifully, and the natural world is taken into account in all things. Ilchari forests exist in all environments, both on land and below sea, and now even in the skies above the planet. The Ilchari fruit have become galactically known as peacemakers, wise counselors, and ardent warriors when given no other choice. Known across the galaxy, they are the leaders of the Endless War against Oagan and the Korruk.


Moon 1. Aerile

Aerile is the smallest moon of Ilchoriall. It is roughly 200 kilometers in diameter, and is furthest from the planet. Aerile spins counter to the rotation of Ilchoriall.

Moon 2. Agora

Ilchoriall’s largest moon, nearly 1,000 kilometers in diameter, is also its closest moon. Agora spins with the rotation of the planet.

Moon 3. Akastra

The middle moon of the planet, Akastra was found to have an Incipient structure on its surface. Quaakk’Rii scientists have been working to unlock its secrets for longer than a millennium, yet no one seems to understand what the device does.

Planet 4. Duriol

Duriol is a desert planet that has had much of its surface terraformed by growing Ilchari forests. A planet that was once a barren place with no life now has seasons with regular rain and lush growing vegetation, and the Ilchari have even introduced animal life to the planet to fully represent all elements of nature to the biome.



Planet 5. Kandiel

Kandiel is a massive gas giant. There are multiple floating Ilchari Forrests in orbit to take advantage of resources that can be easily mined from the gasses of Kandiel.


Moon 1. Loa

Largely a frozen body, Loa has several settler forests on its surface, including a few small isolationist factions.

Moon 2. Keriel

A small rocky moon with little of interest on its surface.

Moon 3. Corvul

While this moon is unremarkable in and of itself, it’s rotation around Kandiel is aligned perfectly with the rotation of the planet, always in the same place day or night from that location.

Planet 6. Ostio

Ostio is a massive rocky body with a dense helium atmosphere. Because it is uncomfortable for native Ilchari trees and fruit alike, the planet has never been settled, though several research forests and fleet building platforms orbit the planet.


Moon 1. Ondus

Ondus is the headquarters of the Ilchari Defense Force (IDF). From this seat of power, they direct more than a trillion sentients at once with their collaborators in the Endless War. Orbital space around the large moon is entirely restricted, with constant patrols by Ilchari fleets.

Planet 7. Coragolyn

This is another massive gas giant. Coragolyn hosts many commercial mining operations as well as orbital stations.


Moon 1. Rhadlil

This moon is owned by the Ilchari Star Forest, and is the growth site of the finest of Ilchari ships.