Ansaig adults are a maximum of 2 meters tall, with 1.8 meters being the average.

Home Star System


Home Planet


Natural Environment

Caprataur is a plain-heavy biome of mild temperature that is dotted with several fresh water oceans. As such, the Ansaig have an environmental threshold similar to humans.

Ability Increases

Agility, Judgement

Sensory Abilities


Species Ability Skill


Species Background


Species Physical Description

Ansaig are six-limbed mammalian creatures. Their primary humanoid torso has a pair of three fingered appendages and connects to a secondary horse-like torso possessing four hooved limbs. Their head possesses a proboscis and they have semi-hollow horns through which they can force air to communicate over long distances with one another.

Species Psychological Description

Ansaig are typically loyal, even-tempered individuals with a deeply ingrained herd mentality and strong family connections. They are known throughout the galaxy for their loyalty and honesty, which they believe are core tenets of their society.

Species History

Hailing from Caprataur, the third planet in the Ovis system, the Ansaig grew to prominence as a race of herbivores on a world where they lacked natural predators. Many scientists believe that because of this, the Ansaig’s flight instinct as well as the pain receptors in their nervous system are relatively underdeveloped in comparison to other sapient races. With the vast majority of the Ansaig’s history being relatively peaceful with sporadic instances of conflict, the Ansaig have had few instances pre-Quaakk’Rii contact to realize their martial proficiency. Upon receiving the Back-Up from the Quaakk’Rii and meeting the rest of the galaxy at large, the Ansaig have managed to use their innate understanding of group social structures to become proficient diplomats that interact on a fairly genial level with most forces in the galaxy. The universe is far from completely benevolent however, as space pirates, slavers, cultists, mercenaries, and other ne’er-do-wells initially believed the Ansaig’s kindness was their weakness; a mistake that was quickly corrected. The Ansaig possess such strong instincts of comradery and community that an attack on one of them is seen as an attack against the herd, and sometimes against the entire species. This strong sense of union within the Ansaig is quickly contrasted by their military tactics, which were developed to rely on suicide bombings and fierce, mass infantry units. More than one engagement between the Ansaig and the enemy has ended by the Ansaig throwing enough of their bodies at an enemy’s encampment that the enemy eventually runs out of ammunition.

Social creatures by their very nature, Ansaig are unique in that high-ranking members of their government and military can often be of other races. Known as the Shepherds, this group of diplomat-warriors serves at the behest of the Ansaig King, who dispatches them to far-off corners of the Ansaig Empire to oversee his or her interests. Because of the regularity with which Shepherds encounter other races, many Shepherds have made non-Ansaig aliens their wards when sufficiently impressed by their bravery and compassion. Once a ward is properly trained and vetted by the Empire, they are inducted into the ranks of the Shepherds proper, and typically serve as intermediaries between the Empire and their parent race. Some human historians liken the role to the idealized version of chivalric knights in medieval Europe, and with good reason.

To an outsider, the role of a King in Ansaig society might seem archaic bordering on tyrannical, but the truth is far more complex. With a history of cooperative nomadic travel, the herds of the ancient Ansaig forebears would travel the surface of Caprataur in a large circuit that took several dozen cycles to complete. When one herd moved in, they tended to and regrew the plant life or other resources that the previous herd had used up while feeding themselves on the crops that they had grown. Every time a herd withdrew to a different part of the nomadic circuit, the herd behind them would repeat the process, continuing for generations. But such a large cooperative logistical undertaking does take organization and planning. The first step was to create a group known as the Keepers of the Song, a collective of Ansaig singers, philosophers, and intellectuals that handle much of the logistical and spiritual needs of the Empire even to this day. The role of King (a gender-neutral title in Ansaig culture) was created by the Keepers of the Song to fulfill what was initially the role of chief diplomat between herds, though time and circumstance has extended the Kings purview to what it is today. Kings are chosen by the Keepers of the Song, who vote on candidates put forth by the varying herds of their species. Once a King is chosen the Keepers of the Song lead all inhabitants of Caprataur in the Ballad of the Herd, a holy song that signifies the coronation of the new King. At several points in history, Shepherds from alien races have been put forth as candidates for the role of the King of the Ansaig Empire. While none have been chosen yet, rumors have been circulated that the votes have been incredibly close on more than one occasion, and that such an event might happen sooner or later. Several members of the Keepers of the Song have been non-Ansaig over the centuries, indicating that the possibility of an alien King is not far out of reach.


Keepers of the Song

A combination of sages, mystics, inventors, and other great minds of the Empire that are charged with the spiritual growth and logistical safekeeping of the Empire’s citizenry. Members are often put forward by herds after accomplishing great deeds or breakthroughs in their chosen fields.

The Shepherds

Elite diplomatic warriors that act as the King’s hand in the more far-flung reaches of the Empire. Non-Ansaig Shepherds appear regularly within the ranks of the Shepherds, as do mages and psions.

Ringmaster Rustle’s Celestial Combat Circus

Ringmaster Rustle’s Celestial Combat Circus is a motley armada of ships of every conceivable make and model that roam the galaxy as a sort of Robin Hood-style band of entertainers, vigilantes, and first responders. While not an officially sanctioned aspect of the Ansaig society (or most other political entities for that matter), Ringmaster Rustle’s Celestial Combat Circus regularly travels through Empire space and stops at Ansaig settlements to offer both entertainment as well as military/humanitarian aid when it is needed. Generally seen as a benevolent force, Ringmaster Rustle has something of a “soft” lifetime ban from ever setting foot on Caprataur after he accidently spored so hard on an island that it had to be quarantined.

Ansaig stats

+1 Agility, +1 Judgement

Ansaig have no special abilities or senses.

Species Skill: +1 Insight

Background: +1 Fame

Home System

Ovis System

Stellar Patron



Epoletn has been a quiet influencer in the history of the Ansaig people. Said to be a weaver of song that sings sounds only one’s soul can hear, Epoletn believes in the harmonization of all sentient life in the universe. Both the Ansaig and the Quaakk’Rii believe that it was Epoletn that brought them into contact with one another, though neither are completely sure why. Epoletn is functionally a deity of mystery that encourages enlightenment through connection and interpersonal understanding. The relationship between Epoletn and the Voice is perhaps the greatest mystery of this Stellar Patron, and the one its followers still strive to solve. Adherents of Epoletn tend to possess a great deal of camaraderie and understanding of the need for society.

Sentient Population

24 billion constant Ansaig inhabitants, with 10 to 20 billion nomadically visiting the system on a regular or semi-regular basis. 4 to 8 billion miscellaneous inhabitants from various other species make their home in Ovis, with differing levels of regularity.

System Description

Ovis has three planets, the third of which is the Ansaig homeworld of Caprataur, the only naturally habitual one. A moonless world with a plains-heavy topography interspersed with freshwater oceans, Caprataur possesses a very mild climate. The only planet to possess any moons is Hircos, the farthest planet from the sun that has two moons; Bos and Sus.



Planet 1. Galos

Gravity Rank – 1

The closest planet to the Epoletn star, Galos is a small, tidally locked planet with no atmosphere to speak of. One of the largest infrastructural undertakings in the Ansaig Empire (and perhaps the galaxy) was the construction of the massive solar panel array that completely covers the sun facing side of Galos. Conversely, the night-side of Galos is dotted with numerous processing facilities that convert the collected solar energies into usable, transportable sources of energy. In the center of the dark side of Galos is an Ansaig monastery/colony called the Church of Tuning, where adherents to Epoletn stay in worship and meditation.



Planet 2. Didel

Gravity Rank – 1

The second planet from the sun of the Ovis system, Didel is comprised mostly of zinc and copper with a thin atmosphere of krypton, giving it a greyish tan appearance. Upon entering the digital age, Didel was considered to be a godsend to the Ansaig, who quickly established numerous mining and processing colonies.



Planet 3. Caprataur

Gravity Rank – 3

The seat of the Ansaig Empire and home world to the species. Caprataur is a garden world with relatively few mountains and a biome that primarily centers around the many vast stretches of rolling plains. It has an oxygen-rich atmosphere comparable to Earth’s, and a relatively mild temperature.



Planet 4. Marso

Gravity Rank – 5

A gas giant and fourth planet from the Ovis star of Epoletn, Marso’s gravity has helped to deflect numerous incoming meteors and other celestial bodies that might pose a threat to the Ansaig populace of Caprataur. Numerous noble gases make up the atmosphere of Marso prompting the creation of a massive artificial space station around it. Known as Marso’s Ring, this station floats above the equator of Marso and acts as a refueling station for many of the nomadic and militarized ships that fly under the Ansaig Empire’s banner.



Planet 5. Hircos

Gravity Rank – 5

The second gas giant of the Ovis system and the furthest planet from the Epoletn star, Hircos is rich in argon and little else. While small space stations have been set up to harvest resources, the planet in and of itself is of little use compared to its moons.


Moon 1. Bos

The larger of Hircos’ two moons, Bos possesses several oceans of methane along with a few continents worth of land comprised of a few varying cheap elements and alloys. Bos is sometimes used as a diplomatic stop-gap station, with several large colonies set up inland. There, incoming species that are outsiders to the Ansaig Empire are inspected and vetted before travelling further into the system.

Moon 2. Sus

Comprised primarily of sodium and iron, Sus is home to the Empire’s Horn, a massive sprawling military colony that is meant as the first line of defense for the natives of the Ovis system. The Empire’s Horn is also the main meeting place for the Shepherds of the Empire, though meetings that require all members are few and far between given how far-flung they are.