What is Horizon Drifters?

Horizon Drifters will be an online platform to platform to play a ttrpg through. But that’s just a small part of what we’re making. It will also have a built-in in-character social media system. It will allow any user to create whatever aliens, planets, or content that they please for anyone to see and use.

As a ttrpg, the mechanics of Horizon Drifters are based around the d6Plus system. This system is based around the mechanic of adding the ability score total to the total number of successes rolled on d6s. The actually rolling and mechanics of the system get a little time consuming, but since we’re digital everything takes place instantly behind the scenes.

As a social media platform, users will be able to interact as their Actors in groups called Affiliations. Affiliations are joined either at Actor creation or by playing Episodes that reward access or advancement in the Affiliation. Once in, users can talk to and plot with their fellow Horizon Drifters about the goals and aims of that Affiliation.

Our system will start with our content, but quickly blossom into more user-generated content than our own. And we’re excited about that. We like the idea of people being able to play our game entirely without ever using any of the content we made.

What can you make? Any alien you can conceive of, with a star system to reflect the environment that created them. A Stellar Patron, to guide the alien species you create. You can make Affiliations for people to join and you lead so you can have influence in the galaxy at large. And you can make Episodes that direct people to your affiliation, or Episodes that have nothing to do with it but you think are amazing.

In short, if we can make it so can you. And unlike traditional publishing, our word counts aren’t limited by page and publishing space, so people can write as much as they want. And our content creators don’t have to worry about their work being cut.

Our model will include advertising, but there will be no ads during a game unless you are playing sponsored content. Sponsored content is content that a brand has paid for to be in our game, and will always be labeled as such. The rest of the time we’ll have banner ads similar to what is seen elsewhere on the internet.